SSD vs HDD, DVD-R writing, Windows crashes


Sorry, but can you tell me what HDD and SSDs are?

Start-up Time analysis

HDD = Hard Disk Drive
SSD = Solid State Drive


I was wondering if I could use DVD disks to copy pictures to so I can free up space on computer? I tried to burn pics to dvd but it always says, windows has stopped working and is restarting. :frowning:


Thank you. :slight_smile: I don’t know a lot about the tech stuff.


I can’t even copy a folder or a pic to a disc or usb anymore :frowning: it always says windows has stopped working and restarting. :frowning: Do you happen to have an idea of what is going on or what I can do?


You can but they have to be DVR’s or DVRW’s

Using disks is pretty archaic at this point, slower, less efficient, arguably not as durable.

Thumb drives would probably be the best way if you don’t have much data to backup as they are pretty cheap, if you have a lot of data than an external hard drive would be a better option.

And really if you don’t have a lot of data and don’t mind using the cloud, you could just use something like google drive.

There are many reasons your computer could be freezing, it might be better to start a new topic if you want to go through the motions of troubleshooting that.


Okay thank you. I am new on here so I am still learning.


I moved this conversation to its own topic.

If you have a question about something unrelated to the thread’s topic (in this case, it was improving the system startup time), then it’s a good idea to create a new topic, rather than reply to an unrelated thread.



DVDs are certainly a more reliable storage medium and fine for files only occasionally accessed. Their smaller storage capacity means a bigger physical storage facility, an index, a mechanical/optical reader backup ( I’ve had several die on me ). At least the disks don’t deteriorate very fast.