Speed up start up


how can I tell which programmes/apps can be disabled at start-up without affecting the operation of my PC?


Task Manager > Startup tab will show the start up programs.


Actually all of them can be disabled at startup. If you have security software you can let it remain enabled, but other than that, it’s up to you.


Generally, all of them can be disabled, but you may want certain things to run regadless:

  • Touchpad software: (usually Synaptics) on a laptop. This enables certain things like edge scrolling, zooming, etc. Some of these actions are now part of Windows, and some require the software in order to work.

  • 3D Drive protection: My work laptops all feature a program that will park the hard dive heads if my laptop is dropped. This prevents a physical crash from causing a head crash.

  • keyboard or mouse control software: things like the volume buttons , screen brightness buttons, or program launch buttons on your keyboard may need software to work properly.

  • antivirus/antimalware: you can disable it without harming your system, but leaving it on is probably a good idea.

Things you can definitely disable:

  • Updaters: any software that updates other software doesn’t need to run all the time. I usually disable updaters.

  • “customer information” software: computer makers love to put in programs that are essentially just advetising. They pop up “helpful” information based on whatever the manufacturer wants to push into your eyeballs. I disable that with prejudice

  • Game launchers: Steam, EA Origin, ARC Launcher, or Blizzard’s launcher: These do not need to be run at startup, and running several game launchers at the same time just slows all of them down during the boot process.

Of course, disabling updaters in startup means the related programs don’t get uipdated. The way around that is to either create a batch file to launch those updaters manually, or to just let those programs update when you use them (which is what I usually do.)


thanks for that. it is daunting for a newbie when confronted by a screen of unrecognisable files and no clues.


very useful and helpful, thanks