Someone is hacking my Instagram!


Recently, I posted a picture on Instagram. Next day when I log in I notice that I responded to comments (which I didn’t). I thought I was just having an off day and I forgot that I replied to these comments.

Then, I started Direct Messaging my followers and writing quite rude stuff on their profiles!

Someone definitely has my password and even though i changed it multiple times, they are still able to access my account! Before I deactivate my account, I really want to find out who’s been doing this!

Has this happened to any of you guys? What i want to find out is who has been logging into my account? IP Address or device name etc.
Just any software or app that allows me to do this. Or maybe something that allows me to monitor when my account has been logged in?

Any suggestions please?


There’s no way to find out who has access to your account.

It’s likely that Instagram has a security setting for authorized clients, and you need to go deactivate anybody else from having access to your account.

Remove everything from the Manage Applications screen.


Argh!! Dammit, would have loved to know who was snooping around on my Instagram.

Anyway thank you @geek for your reply, i hope no one else goes through this experience (it really is frustrating)


Were you ever able to find out who it was? Like contact Instagram for list of devices? I’m experiencing the same exact thing as you right now and would really like some help!


I suggest you to create a very strong password with not only big letters and numbers, but also include some symbols.



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