{Solved} Print to PDF in Win 7


I have Adobe Acrobat DC which apparently does not support the Print to PDF function and requires a paid version, at least in Win 7. What I am trying to do is print output to PDF on my work computer, email it to myself (or other), and print from my home computer on my home printer. Is there any way to do this? I have painstakingly followed all the Win 7 tutorials but I think the bottom line is with Win 7 the option is only supported with the paid version of Adobe Acrobat.


Which output did you want to print? Most of the web browsers have that feature, press Ctrl+P.


I am running a Limousine Dispatch program that prints to the default printer at work. I want to redirect that output to a pdf file so that it could be emailed to a driver who can then print it at home. I can set the default printer but only to installed options in Win 7, and print to PDF or print to file is not a choice.


Adobe DC isn’t the only option. You might look at something like PDF Forge:

There are a few other options, but in Windows 7, you’ll have to pay for any of the alternatives today.


Thanks @wilsontp. I came up with a lot of freeware but wanted a trusted recommendation to try. Will give it a shot tonight and let you know.


The one at pdfforge is the same one my work uses for Windows 7 computers and it works great. Once you move to Windows 10 it is built-in though, so you no longer need it.


@larrylmitchell - We use an older program (Voyager Reserve) that is unsupported and can’t be migrated to Win 10. We will be using a new program in a few months and likely upgrade all to Win 10. I use Win 10 exclusively at home, that’s why I struggled with the print to PDF option as it’s already a part of Win 10. Thank you both for your help.


Thanks @larrylmitchell and @wilsontp, I installed the free version of PDF Creator at work today, printed my first job, and successfully emailed and printed the document at home. It did just what I wanted it to do and saves me a lot of back and forth to the office!


Acrobat is way overpriced if all you need is a PDF printer driver. The free alternatives like PDF Creator and many others are fine for most users.


I have the free version of Acrobat which does not include the option to print to PDF. PDF Creator solved the problem and I am very grateful to HTG.