(Solved) Photoshop PSD thumbnails not showing in Windows Explorer


Photoshop PSD thumbnails used not to show in Windows Explorer without using Sagethumbs, but recently, having reinstalled Sagethumbs, when I lost the thumbnails again, after a Windows 10 ‘upgrade’ several months ago the ‘holder’ for PSD images in Explorer shows neither the Photoshop logo nor the thumbnail but is simply blank. FastPictureViewerCodecPack didn’t restore them either.

I had hoped that the most recent (Windows 10 Pro Version 1803) upgrade might fix the problem but it didn’t. I can see the thumbnails in Fastone Image Viewer (excellent software) and I simply don’t understand why Windows hasn’t fixed this problem. Searching Google merely finds more people like me.


windows updates, especially the ones with a new version number, can break things. frankly 1803 has been a bit of a nightmare.

have you uninstalled and re-installed sagethumbs?

give that a go, and if not working, head here and log a ticket -


the devs, or maybe other users of the extension (i see a couple of similar looking issues there) might be able to help more.

this likely isnt something microsoft needs to fix, rather the sagethumbs team.


Thankyou, O Mighty One. I uninstalled and reinstalled Sagethumbs (again!) and then lodged a ticket, as you suggested. I guess my problem is that I don’t see this as Sagethumbs’ responsibility but presumably it falls into a crevasse between Microsoft and Adobe.


Fixed it by mistake - in case it helps anyone, I went back to the Windows10 / Settings/ Default Apps/ Photo Viewer and set it to Faststone Image Viewer (Photoshop wasn’t listed as an app option), but just got the Faststone logo for PSD files in Explorer. Went back to the Default Apps and reset it to MS recommended - then changed them all back to what I wanted - Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. The screen jiggled around for a bit and then, suddenly, out of nowhere, there were all the PSD thumbnails!!!
Did anyone else get locked out of their computer after the update, when it ‘lost’ their PIN number!