Smart DNS Proxy (SDNSP)


Smart DNS Proxy has taken over my PC. When I went watch Netflix last night (not via their app), their home page automatically forwarded to SDNSP. When I tried to log into a iplayers (BBC, ITV, etc.), it tells me the links are insecure and - what do you know - I’m forwarded to the Smart DNS Proxy home page.

All was working fine on Monday evening but on Tuesday night, this adware/spyware/whatever had taken over my PC. I spent hours last night scanning (MS Defender and Malwarebytes find nothing) and Googling for help but have found nothing. I haven’t installed anything it could have been bundled in and, before last night, I’d never heard of it so I didn’t knowingly download it.

I’ve been using a VPN for two years, SimpleTelly, and I’ve been in touch with them because I’m desperate but they’ve not responded yet. Can anyone help me get rid of this malware? My default browser is Opera but I also use Chrome, as not all sites support Opera. Thanks!


Have you tried using a restore point?


Looks like you are using their DNS on your computer or router, but your IP is not active on Smart DNS Proxy network. You need to login your account dashboard on their website and then click Activate IP Button. So their DNS network will know that you are their client and they will give you access to the channels they support, ie: US Netflix.

If you don’t want to use Smart DNS Proxy, you just need to remove their DNS from your devices.