Signin Screen Background Always Shows Default Image


I am having a little trouble completing a bit of system customization. I followed the process described so nicely by @chrisbhoffman in his article How to Customize the Lock Screen on Windows 8 or 10 carried on this site. Unfortunately my Windows 10 Sign—in screen still displays the default background image (See below). That picture never updates. If I turn off “Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen” the sign-in screen is black, except for my picture and the field to sign in. It seems like my chosen background image (Slideshow set to a folder in my local C:\Users\Me\Pictures) might be hidden behind this default image, because when it goes from the pre-signin splash page to the Signin (Pin) page, my graphic appears for a brief second before being replaced by that darn default image.

There must be a registry hack or something I can do to fix this. Any ideas?



I haven’t played around with this at all, but I wonder if it makes a difference if you are using a Microsoft account or local account. Which type are you using?