Seeking screenshot pgm with specific capability


I am looking for an free or inexpensive, intuitive, screenshot program for Win10. It must have the capability of making multiple clips and assembling them into a single clip. For instance, a newspaper article that spans 3 columns. Clip the relevant part of each column (3 parts) and “paste” them together outputting only one screenshot. I don’t know if Techsmith’s Snagit can do this but it’s pricey and not intuitive. Win10 Snipping Tool cannot do this nor can Ashampoo’s Snap 10 do it.


You can find may alternatives of Snipping Tool program here:

I’d suggest Greenshot because it’s open source and free. Though I can fulfill your need with MsPaint + Win + Print Screen only.


Screenshot Captor enables you to capture images in a variety of ways, ranging from the active window to a fixed size zone and including objects, scrolling windows (great for capturing sites from top to bottom) and even your entire working space, which means that if you have multiple monitors, Screenshot Captor will capture all of them.