Security Error on my Samsung Galaxy S6


Good afternoon folks, I am into a strange crisis here been at this now for like a week and a half. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 on a monthly Koodo plan which I have been using without a problem for approx 2 years one night I turned my phone off and went to bed wakes up next morning turns on my phone to use and I get this security error screen which says “This phone has been flashed with unauthorized software and is locked, call your mobile operator for additional support” then gives me a option to reboot. Right now I am paying for my monthly plan on my phone but I cannot use it I have any access to my plan to text or make a call all I can do now is connect to wifi in my house and use Facebook messenger. I really need help to get this problem fixed so I can use my phone on my monthly plan again’ any help would be appreciated

The exact model of my Samsung galaxy is SM-G920T
I noticed that my IMEI has changed from original to what it is supposed to be now too random # like 350000000000006

I have a strong feeling that my phone needs to be rooted which right now it is not because I checked with an app, I have no idea how to root my phone and flash it with the correct files


Did you check with Koodo? There is always the possibility you just need a new SIM card.


i was at telus store and they checked mine by inserting my sim into another different phone and it appeared it works