Screen Overlay Error - Good solution


If you’re an Android user with a current OS, then you might be frustrated with the Screen Overlay error.

I am.

I have seen multiple articles from multiple sources that claim, to my frustration, that there is an easy fix for this and then they proceed to talk about setting permissions off on the Overlay Permissions screen.

If I was a violent person I’d have had to replace my current phone everytime I read that version of an overlay error fix…after I picked up all the broken phone pieces and fixed the new dent in the wall.

All my Overlap permissions on the Overlay Permissions screen are set to ‘‘Off’’ and sometimes the app in question doesn’t even show up on that page.

There is a fix (and my only fix so far) that works for me, so far.

  1. Go into Safe Mode.
  2. Go into your Application Manager and grant the app the needed permission(s).
  3. Reset your phone.

Everyone’s phone accomplishes each of those tasks in it’s own way so I’ll leave it up to you to figure out your own way to do it but I’ll tell you how > I < do it.

First off, I have a Samsung Amp 2.
Don’t laugh, except for its disturbing tendency to eat up internal memory, it does everything I care to do when compared to my S7, except install more than a handfull of apps…but the Amp 2 was free.

If I were to get another low end phone, I’d make sure it has at least 16G internally, because the SD card isn’t used for system operation and Android bloat eats up more internal memory with every improvement.

This lack of useable internal memory forces me to uninstall and reinstall apps all the time. (I usually have less than 100 MB free)

This means that I encounter Overlay Error all the time.

1.a. To reboot into Safe Mode I hold down my {Power} button until I can choose between ‘‘Power Off’’ and "Reboot’’.

1.b. Once the phone starts rebooting I hold down the {Volume Down} until I see the Home Screen or the phone asks me to unlock it.
You are now in Safe Mode because your phone tells you so in the bottom left corner of your screen .
If you don’t see this, redo #1.

2.a. I swipe down at the top of my screen and then
2.b. Click on the upper right {Gear} icon.
2.c. Click on the ''Device ‘’ heading.
2.d. Click on '‘Applications’'
2.e. Click on ''Application Manager ''
2.f. Find the installed app you need to grant permission to and grant it the appropriate permission.

  1. Hold down the {Power} button until you can choose ‘‘Restart’’ and reboot your phone.

This of course doesn’t work for online apps, but you’ll need install the app on your phone.

I hope this helps someone. :slight_smile:


For my side i prefer to use more "Reboot’’ than ‘‘Power Off’’ to avoid system problem.


Ok, so you’re suggesting that you like doing as I suggest?