Scan document from printer to e-mail on my computer


I have a Brother printer (DCP-L2540 DW) that’s connected wireless to my lap top. When I open the Brother Utilities I select ‘e-mail’ and then click scan. At the end of scanning my document, my Outlook 2010 e-mail should pop up on the screen of my computer with the attached document I just scanned. Unfortunately, this e-mail does not appear. For some reason it goes elsewhere…such as documents or pictures. The printer settings are correct. I checked with Brother’s tech. Another example: I have a PDF on my desktop. When I right click on it and choose ‘send to’ and then ‘mail’. After doing this I would expect my e-mail to pop up with the PDF attachment. However, nothing happens. I do not get the pop up e-mail or any other error messages. I’d like to point out that about a week ago, my computer did an update that lasted quite a long time. I suspect that this update had something to do with this issue. I am able to scan and send the scan to my desktop or pictures or documents without any problems. The issue is that the scan item will not go to my outlook e-mail as an attachment. Brothers say that there is definitely something going on with MS and most likely upset this path after the major update. I asked MS and checked to make sure my default e-mail is Outlook 2010. It is. They are also perplexed about this. Can you help? Thank you.


Sounds like you did the right thing - assuming you are on Windows 10 - All Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Email

Try changing the Email to something else, then change it back to Outlook. If this doesn’t work go into your list of install programs and try running a repair on Office. You can also try recreating your Outlook profile.


Thanks Larry……done all of that and still nothing.

Like I said before, even MS is scratching their heads.

Thanks anyways

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Okay a couple other things you can try, run sfc /scannow

Make sure you reboot after the scan if any corruption was found, this is required for certain items to be repaired.

If that doesn’t work, try logging into the computer under a different profile, set your default mail app, setup your Outlook profile and see if it works there.


Larry…I right click on the windows icon and open run. I type: sfc /scannow and click ok. Nothing happens.


You have to run cmd as admin. Then run the command from there.


Hi Larry…thanks for getting back to me. Know that I am not a computer savvy guy.
I go to run>type cmd>ok and I get: C:\users\piacono>
So…what do I do next? when you say I have to run a admin…how? I’m not sure. Can you give me step by step?


Rather than using the run prompt, simply do a search from the Start menu for “cmd”, when it comes up in the search result right click it and run as admin.

Once you see the command line, it doesn’t matter what folder you start in, simply type “sfc /scannow” then press enter and let it run all the way through to 100%. At the end it will tell you if any issues were found with the Windows system files.

If you use the guide I linked it will walk you through as well.


Ok Larry…did it and after the scan I got this:
Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations.
When I right click on a pdf I have on my desk top, I get several options to choose. I choose the one ‘send to’. it gives me the option ‘mail recipient’. When I click on it, I get nothing (no outlook e-mail screen -as it should) but the outlook icon on the bottom right of my screen (when I hover the mouse over it) tells me the following: another program is using outlook. To disconnect programs and exit outlook click the outlook icon and then click exit.
Don’t know if this has something to do with the issue. I don’t know what this means.
Any thoughts? thanks


Did you do this part?

That would be my last suggestion before doing a clean install. At this point you have tried to repair Office/Outlook, tried a new Outlook profile on your current computer profile, and tried to repair Windows system files (none were corrupted).


Hi Larry….sorry for the long response. But, somehow the scanning and email is working great. Really don’t know what I did.

However, I have another issue I was hoping you can help. See attached.

Note: it’s intermittent this issue.

I called and chatted with AOL Techs (did a bunch of things…also removed and created another account with new password and still nothing. MS people said all is ok on their end.

Still I have this issue….let me know.



Is your MS Outlook designated within Win 10 as the default email app? If not, then other apps (like your printer/scanner app) won’t be able to call it up automatically. To verify, go to Settings, then click Apps, then click Default Apps to see listing.

In my case, my #$%@! Win 10 designates my Opera browser as my default email app even though I’ve set Firefox as my default browser. It also doesn’t allow me to choose any other app as my default email app – unless it’s from the Windows Store. Who friggin’ knows why? I’ve read the Win update 1803 has “problems” with setting defaults. Perhaps that’s your problem as well??


I have not seen that particular error before. When you say it is intermittent does that mean you can’t repeat it on demand? Or does it only happen with certain emails?

If it is something you can repeat on demand, have you tried using a different computer profile yet?