Save saved link in Google Drive as Bookmarks?


How to save link saved to Google Drive as Bookmarks?

To save a link to google drive from browser open a page then 3dots then share then save to google drive.

It is saved as link inside a txt file.


Are you asking a question - or simply telling us about a discovery you’ve made ?


Google Drive does not handle “bookmark” files. So no, you can’t do that.


i am asking Question


Some script can automate?


There are three ways you can do that.

  1. Easy: Open, login into your account and save/import/export your bookmarks.
  2. Moderate: Open browser, export bookmarks in a HTML file, drag it in Google Drive. Chrome has Ctrl+Shift+O and Firefox has Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut to open bookmarks.
  3. Difficult: Make your own HTML file with those bookmarks and save it in Google Drive. For example, use ordered list tag.
    <li><a href="https://your.bookmarks">My Bookmarks</a></li>

For script, I’ll choose sed and awk.


@Biswa No…
I have saved links to google drive from phone.and I want to covert them into bookmark on my desktop.


How did you save bookmarks in Google drive from phone? Did you export them in HTML file?


Like this as in post 1…


we do not understand what you are asking.


I have many links in Google drive and i want to covert them into bookmarks.