Save playlist position (file+time seeked in the file) used through VLC


I really need this to work with VLC.

When I reopen a video it will pick up where I left off, which is awesome. But if I am watching a tv show (all episodes saved as a playlist) and I am in the middle of episode 4 and exit VLC. I would like to be able to open that playlist and pick up on the correct episode and time into that episode.
Even in a playlist VLC does resume the episode from the correct position, but I need to first navigate to that episode.
In this example that means; when I run the playlist I have to skip Episodes 1,2 & 3 after the which VLC will resume the 4th from the correct position.
This gets annoying as one progresses through the season.
Is this a limitation of the .m3u plalist format or VLC?

The only plugin that looks like it can do the trick is vlcTADED.
It’s not very complicated, but it’s not exactly seamless either.


Some information needed. How exactly did you create/save that playlist? Are all those episode saved as multiple separate files or a single file with tags?


I used VLC to make the playlist. Nothing special.

  • Launch VLC
  • Ctrl+L to open playlist view
  • Drag & Drop the episodes into VLC window
  • Ctrl+Y to Save Playlist to File (I saved it as .m3u)

All episodes are seperate files (.mkv).


I would like to add, since .m3u files can be edited with notepad, even a macro that could simply edit the .m3u to remove the episode from the playlist once it’s done playing should should do the trick.

Any suggestion along those lines is fine too. I just recently started using AutoHotKey. I don’t mind using a script that can achieve the same.