Running applications in a dual boot



I have a PC running Windows 7. I have many applications installed on my current SSD under W7, including many games. SSD1 is now full.

I am about to install a second SSD, and am considering installng W10 on this new drive.

If I do so, will I be able see and run the applications installed on SSD1 under W7, or will I only be able run applications installed on SSD2 under W10?.. and therefore have to boot into W7 to run the applications installed under that O/S?

Further - if I install W10 on SSD2 will SSD2 need to be clean? For instance, if I choose to install further applications on SSD2 but under W7 initially, if I decide to later install W10 on SSD2, will this affect the applications already resident on SSD2 that were installed under W7?

Lastly, I assume there is no way to move applications from one O/S to another? It is just that some of these applications (games) are huge and would have to be re-dowloaded/installed, one by one.

Hope this makes sense!.. just don’t want to go down a path that I regret…

Many thanks in advance!



Are you looking for like this?



Um, no not really. I understand about keeping data and O/S in separate partitions or drives.

I am referring to dual O/S, where certain applications were installed under the original O/S, and whether those applications can be run from within a new (second) O/S on a separate physical drive.


I have Win 7 & Win 10 on separate SSD’s, & the answer is: NO, you can’t run an app on the OS that’s not loaded. You CAN see the files/folders on the other SSD, and can copy, delete, or move files between the 2 SSD’s, but not run an app unless it’s loaded on the installed OS.


For Windows, that heavily depends on the application and how it works. You have to know how the program works.

For example you can test Firefox or Chromium both works from any drive but VirtualBox not. Because the later one create a service and register it’s DLL files for COM interface. If you’ve any program you can mention only one of them, I’ll provide the ‘tutorial’.


Biswa, I’d be interested in that. I have MSMoney installed on Win 10, but when I was in Win 7, I attempted to run it by opening the Win 10 folder and double clicking it, but it errored out.


What is the error? Any download link please.


No error message, just refuses to open/start.


Wikipedia shows Microsoft Money is discontinued. It is in Windows Store now.


Being able to run applications from the other OS is going to depend on the application, but as a general rule I would say no for the majority of applications the typical user might run.

The whole drive doesn’t necessarily need to be clean, but you do need a clean partition…but as a general rule I recommended against using partitions as it becomes a pain later on if your partition runs out of space. If you do use partitions you would also want the OS partition to be the first one on the drive, rather than something you add later.

Again, it would depend on the application. There are some apps out there that are self contained where the app and all its settings are transferable between computers, but that isn’t generally how games are configured…maybe a game like Minecraft would be self contained? You would have to look into it on an app by app basis.