Roundcube webmail


Have been using roundcube webmail which has been hacked. Not now using it.
Cannot find any link to roundcube files on the PC and I want to stop any further e-mails coming in to the account.
Any help much appreciated.


I hadn’t heard of this before. Looking at their site it seems to talk about setting up a roundcube server. Did you setup a server? If so it would seem you can just decommission the server.


Yeah, from what I’m seeing, this is just a mail server program. You’d need to either be running the server on your computer, on another box in your office or house, or be using a hosting company that supports the Roundcube suite.

If you were running the software on your computer, and you have a DNS record pointing to your home (or office) IP address, then you just need to remove the MX record from your DNS host, and mail will no longer be delivered to your IP. Obviously, turning off the SMTP port in your firewall is a good idea, as well.

if you went to a web site (not at your house or office) to read your mail, you’d need to contact them to cancel your account.