Restore Factory Win 8.1 and defaults after HDD Install HP Envy



I am installing a new HDD into a HP ENVY x2 - 15-c001dx and I do not have a Win Product Key, or recovery disks / USB from the unit.

I have not confirmed if the damaged HDD still spins and I do not have a transfer vehicle for the damaged HDD.

My current plan of attack is to download a Win 8.1 iso and install it via Legacy in Bios.

I have been informed any XP, Vista or Win 7 key will activate 8.1, true or false?

I do have a clean, owned Win 7 upgrade disc I could transfer to a bootable USB.

Any and all help / suggestions / education would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!



Did the computer originally come with Windows 8.1? If so, you don’t need to do anything to activate it. The activation key is built in to your firmware.

If the computer came with Windows 7 and was upgraded to 8.1, you will need the original Windows 8.1 code to re-activate it.


Thank you Wilsontp, yes the unit originally was shipped with 8.1

I SO appreciate your time and assistance!!!