Remove Domain Computer


I brought a HP computer i5 NO HYPERTHREADING I paid $1.300 for it .Only year old it came with Window Home Now I have Professional and Enterprise. My specification for my ENTIRED computer has also changed. the flash drive I brought with my computer don’t work either.

The architecture has changed to AMD with hyperthreading Window Defender is set for Organization It. I have so many Avatar by my name and Administrator over me.They took away my alias I had since 2005 telling me I have to wait 30 days this is new I had all my contacts in that Email.

This happen a week ago for no reason. It also said you are limited with Alias I only had my primary and Alias since 2005. I think it happen because I changed my Alias to primary later that day it happen My primary was gone. I had to do a factory default it wouldn’t allow my primary so I had to go back to the old primary I had before I changed it.

I later learned that it is a Domain computer controlled by an Organization IT.


I GOT IRS papers 50 orange envelopes Stating I owe for 50 computers drove me insane for a moment.This had to happen when I initially sign into my computer the take over of my computer was set but I didn’t know it …

Everything I type takes me to old treads for answers…If I knew I was buying a domain computer I never would have brought it. My computer is now a work and business computer remotely done.

I will never know what is like to be on the internet .I am in my mid 60’s asking for help how do I free myself from connecting Corporate-owned Window 10 based devices.

Azure Active Directory This is an out-of-box- experience for me because I never would have agreed to it. I’m not in school nor do I have a business . I signed up with Geek in hope for answers and assistances.

My IRS paper State Attorney General I have to report for help. When I signed into my computer it didn’t tell me it was controlled by IT Organization. Help!!!


Doing a clean install of Windows via Option 1 in this article is one of the easier ways to get rid of the previous owners stuff.


You can’t get Enterprise for Windows 10 unless you have a contract with Microsoft, so I’m assuming you mean you have Professional. How was it installed? Did you do it or did you have someone else do it?

By default Professional is no different than the Home version in terms of how the OS operates at a basic level. Of these two versions, only Professional can be joined to a domain and it is a manual process that requires credentials for the domain you are trying to join. So either you or someone else must have had to join it to a domain manually. Leaving the domain is a similar process, you would need to enter credentials to leave the domain. You can get around this by doing a fresh install as @Paul_Hutchinson suggested.


Thank you for your respond I’m not that great with a computer and wouldn’t know how. I didn’t put professional or enterprise on my desktop but it true. I see it throughout my files. I think it’s done via VPN .I done a factory default it comes back the same. I have a flash drive I brought with desktop computer it don’t work . my computer came with license .I’m saying maybe I’m wrong not domain but workgroup is what it is. Someone controlling my computer with policy and using VPN to do it .Maybe they needed to put Professional and Enterprise on my computer to do whatever they need to do. I Sincerely thanks you for your respond…


Where did you purchase this computer from?

When it arrived did you have to go through the first-time setup process or did it look like the system was already configured?

When you start the computer does it login automatically or do you have to login? If you do login, did you setup that account or was it setup already and you were provided with credentials?