Remove Ad Choices Pop-ups from Computer


Thank you.

My OS is Windows 10, and I am using Google Chrome browser. I have a website that keeps getting an Ad Choices pop-up, and this pop-up is preventing me from accessing the administrative panel of my site. I would like some sure-fire, proven way to easily uninstall whatever virus is causing this. I’ve checked the Programs & Features section in my Control Panel, but cannot find the name of the Ad Choices virus there

I’ve run a Malware scan and quarantined all threats that appeared, but that didn’t seem to fix it either. So I need help. I created a screencapture of the page but I don’t see a way to upload it. Thanks.



AdChoices is actually not a virus although it can be as irritating as one. Take a look at this:


Thanks, MrKite.

I did see that but was reluctant. Have you tried this yourself? Do you know if it is a reliable app?


No, I haven’t had any need to use it myself, I use Firefox, but it is a safe site and looks as if it can do no harm.

Something you should consider is to start making and saving System Image Backups to an external hard drive. If something like this occurs again you can restore your system from a backup prior to the problem occurring. This does two things, it will have you back up and running in a short time, probably an hour or less, and it assures that the problem, whether it is a virus, malware, PUP, or anything else, is completely gone.