Red X on Wi-Fi connection


I cannot use my wi-fi as there is a red X over the icon, How can I get wi-fi to work?
Netgear, AC 1000 router and windows 10


Shut down your computer, power down the router, power down the modem in that order. Wait a minute then restart the modem (wait for the lights to stabilize), restart the router (wait for lights to stabilize) then turn on your computer.

If that doesn’t fix it try plugging the modem directly into the computer with the ethernet cable, and see if you can access the internet.

Check with your ISP to see how your modem/router are functioning.

If none of that works you probably have a bad modem or router.


Can you actually see a list of wireless networks available to connect to? Is your router among them? Is there another open network in range you can try connecting to, so you can see if the wifi is working in general?

What happens if you have Windows diagnose the connection issue? Does it come back with an indication as to what the problem is?