Recover deleted bookmarks Firefox Android?


How to recover deleted bookmarks from Firefox Android?


If those bookmarks are not synced with any online storage or not backed up then those are gone forever, poof!


Long story

  1. To backup them as HTML I created a new Firefox Account then synced my phone and a new Firefox profile.
  2. Then took a backup.
  3. Then deleted bookmarks from PC.
  4. But when I Imported the HTML to my main Firefox profile “Mobile Bookmarks” didn’t backup to HTML.Didn’t knew Firefox will do this:


Not answering your question, but the mantra should be: don’t delete anything without first testing the replacement. Should have verified the bookmarks on your phone first.

Here’s an alternative method after you’ve re-created your bookmarks on your PC (maybe try on for size):

  1. Export all bookmarks to HTML (export, not backup)
  2. Backup the HTML file to cloud (like you hopefully do with your other data files)
  3. Sync cloud to phone
  4. In your phone, locate the HTML file and open it with Firefox
  5. In Firefox settings, make the page your homepage

Now, every time you open your phone Firefox, the HTML page will show. For me, scrolling the page up and down and clicking the desired links is much quicker than clicking through various levels of bookmark folders.

Also, every time you make changes to your desktop bookmarks and export HTML, that should sync to your cloud and in turn to your phone. Anytime you close and re-open your phone Firefox, it will automatically pick up the latest HTML version.