Random profiles in general settings on iphone


Hi all,

I’m getting blank profiles coming up and then disappearing on my iphone 7 - an issue my wife also had on her 7 and now has on her new X. I have attached some screenshots below.

The profile appears under the VPN section in general settings. When clicked, it will open to a blank page. When I leave the settings section and then re-enter, it disappears.

When I check back later, it is there sometimes and sometimes it isn’t. That is, it disappears and reappears.

My wife’s mac laptop was hacked, and we were told by a Mac security guy that a profile like this meant her phone had been as well.

Her phone was cut off from making calls after she got a few nasty messages from the telco saying she needed to pay her bill. She knew it wasn’t overdue, so went into the telco’s shop.

They said that they didn’t send the message, that they hadn’t cut her phone off. The Telco guys then put a new sim (same number) in her iphone and the profiles issue was there. She can receive calls, but not make them on this number.

I had bought her iphone 7 secondhand from a reputable seller and it had been completely factory reset (by me) when I installed it for her from her old itunes backup.

So she has bought a new iphone X, has a completely new number and changed her apple ID. She didn’t back up from her itunes account.

Yet the problem is still there. Before I go through the process, I want to make sure that this isn’t something harmless - that it is actually a malware issue. If so, how did it get there? And how do we get rid of it?

Any help would be gratefully received - tearing what little hair I still have out. I’m not a tech guy at all, so please tell me what to do.



I am running iOS 12.1.4, and I do NOT have a “PROFILE” anywhere in the settings. I would suggest you contact Cricket & see if they can help.


Sorry to sound so dumb, but what is cricket?


My goof. I meant Virgin Mobile.