Quickbooks export to excel not working


I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem as I’ve tried to Google it with many results, but not a solution. QuickBooks only allow me to save my reports as comma separated values (csv) files, all the other Excel worksheet options are greyed out. Repairing the QuickBooks installation as well as the Microsoft Office installation doesn’t solve it.


What version of Office are you using?

Have you gone ahead and exported as comma separated and imported into Excel? Shouldn’t be any reason why that wouldn’t work, even though it is an extra step.


Hi, I have Office 2013. All the options used to be available to import to Excel, but I don’t use reports that often, my guess is that changed with either an Office or QuickBooks upgrade. Exporting to a csv file works, but then the data need to be split into different columns and that take time.