Questions Regarding Compress C Drive Options in Windows 10


I have a Windows 10 HP laptop and trying to install Autodesk drawing software.
My computer has (I think) 2 TB of storage, it’s partitioned with about 237 GB on the C drive and 917 GB on a ‘D’ drive. (I don’t now where the remainder is).
All my documents are on the D drive. C drive is for program files mostly.
I’m trying to install my latest versions of software and it’s telling me I do not have enough space. I can’t change the location for the installation files on the C drive (that I’m aware of).
I moved my download files to D (will change that default) which cleared out about 5 GB, but I need to clean out more space - about 4 GB more.
When I go to C drive properties I see a “compress this drive” option.
What are the ramifications if I choose this? I’m a little leery of doing this, I’ve read that it could slow down the computer, especially with a drawing program.
How else can I clear out more space? The rest of the files on the C drive are unfamiliar to me. I tried a disc clean up (1 GB or so), but am also unsure what I should check to clean up.
Thanks for any help. Sorry for the long-winded question.


Have a look at this HTG article which speaks directly to this topic and may answer many of your questions. Let us know your results.


Bring up disk management so you can see if there is any unallocated space available. The only problem is, if you do have any unallocated space, if I recall correctly because you have the D: partition the system would only allow you to expand the D: and not the C:

You will want to double check though if that is that case.

The other thing you can do, in addition to redirecting the downloads to D:, you can do the same thing with the other folders - Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.


Thank you. I did happen upon that article and it ends by saying they are skeptical of the compression, so I was wondering if anyone had any further real-world experience here.
It also didn’t address (unless I skimmed over it) if it is reversible - in case you start having problems.
I’m looking at other ways to clean out for now.
Thanks for the reply.


larrymitchell - thanks. I had cleared out all my docs, photos and videos, however I just realized that some of my docs are duplicates, probably did that to have two copies. I’ll move them to a usb (then the next step is to finally settle on a cloud back-up service! - late to the game on that, I know).
The other folder that is large I realize now is - I have iCloud (I have an iPhone - the only apple product I own). It syncs to a download folder on the C drive. That’s 15 GB. I haven’t looked into re-pathing that, or if it’s possible. I don’t see why not, but I haven’t researched that yet.
If anyone has any experience on that, that would be helpful.
Thanks again.


Oh and I forgot to say, I spoke to an tech and he showed me all the files in the C drive for Autodesk that are previous install files that are not required anymore! Bonus. There are probably more for other programs but Autocad/Revit are hogs, so I’m sure is the majority of bulk.