Question Visible Drives under ‘’My computer” take a long time to load


windows 7 home on 7 year old dell inspiron desktop

when I turn on my computer it takes an incredibly long time for my external hard drive connected to appear and populate under “my computer”
the green status bar seems to take forever to inch to the edge and the wheel spins non-stop.
After watching this for 15 minutes I tried to shut the computer down. While it did attempt to shut down after 15 minute it eventually choked and I got the dreaded black screen. I powered the computer off waited a few minutes and thankfully it booted back up to its normal screen.
At that point I did not try clicking on any drives under my computer because I had to leave the house for work and did not want to repeat the same scenario.

I have been using an external seagate drive for over a year with no problems.
this “long time to populate issue”seems to be most prevalent when I first turn the computer on, it does not seem as prevalent once the computer is up and running for a while.

Any Opinions would be appreciated


Some queries:

  • Does that drive contain too many files and folders?
  • Is file indexing option enabled for that drive?
  • Did you wait some time to open File explorer after connecting that drive?


Might be worth it to run system file checker just to make sure there isn’t anything wrong with Windows: