Problem with New Dark Mode in File Explorer - Icon Labels in Balck Font - Unable to Read


The icon labels are in black font, can’t read against dark background.


Yesterday, I updated windows 10 to version 1809. Today I abled Dark Mode just to see if it worked. It did so! You might read the Redstone 5 Top New features iin the link below.


I understand the new features. See my screenshot and compare to yours.

Text is black on dark gray background.


I know, your screen shot is why I tried Dark Mode! Did you read Dark theme comes to File Explorer (and more!) in the link?


I don’t know if we’re on the same page, but I want to have white text like your screenshot. I read the link you sent and saw no solution.


It looks like you’re using Classic Shell, which may be incompatible.


I uninstalled Classic Shell and it did not help.


Restart explorer.exe process in task manager or logout and re-login your PC.

Classic shell has an extension/dll that latches itself with explorer.


I tried that and even uninstalled Classic Shell and no change.