Problem with Google Calendar

I added a contact on my Android phone to Google contacts (the correct account). It shows up on my phone as a “suggestion” when I type an address into a new email, and it appears in the contact list. When I attempt to do this on my computer, it does not show up as an email suggestion, but it DOES appear in my contact list correctly. What am I doing wrong?

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Title should be “Problem with Gmail Web interface”.

I’ve not had this problem but I only do Gmail on Chrome.

A few questions that may help us figure out what’s going on:
Which browser?
Does it work with other contacts in your list?

Sorry about the title thing.
The problem happens on Gmail on Chrome.
The Contact was entered on the CONTACTS app on Samsung Android. It was entered under the correct Calendar. It show up correctly on both the phone and the PC, which uses Chrome.
All the other contacts in my list act fine. This one does not show up when I go to enter an email address on an outgoing email to that recipient.

Thanks for the extra info.

That is very odd indeed, my best guess is somehow the contact got a character encoding in the name that Gmail in Chrome doesn’t handle properly. Try deleting the contact in Contacts on Chrome and then recreate it in Contacts on Chrome. If my guess is correct the recreated contact should work correctly.

Problem solved…Thanks.