Printer does not create larger version

I have a small manual ( typical these days ) in regard to my pvr device. I downloaded the manual and its great. I do not need a magnify glass to read it. When I wanted to print it out 14 pages of it, they came out just like the original small manual. A waste of 14 pages. So what good is it to increase the size while viewing it and it dose not come out that same size? any ideas on how to do thiis?

Is this a PDF file? Most readers let you zoom in on the page to get a better look. Look for a + and - button on the toolbar or down in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

One way to do this is to use the settings in your PDF viewer print dialog to set either “fit to margins” or “custom scale” or any similar option available when printing to A4, you may have to experiment a little to see what works best. You can also use the print to PDF option to give you a new document with larger print you can then print out as normal later.

Here’s how those options look in Foxit Reader, and you can see the difference in the preview box (I used a manual from Chinese company MSI for this illustration):

and here are screenshots of A4 PDFs in none and custom scale (175%) forms:

Yes, it is a pdf file and Fox writer came up with it. I’m aware of increasing size or decreasing, but when it opened up, it was at an increase size that I wanted to project to my printer, and it did not appear as shown.Like I said, it emulated the small manual that i can barely read without a magnify glass…after all it comes from China…they’re skimping on paper, it seems.

Thank you …sorry i couldn’t respond sooner…problem with emails …lately, it seems one thing after another. I did some of those functions that you showed, and the custom scale set at 100%…I never thought it went beyond 100%…I would keep that in mind. I finally got it the size I wanted, but like you said i have to play around, which i did and used quite a few papers. BTW, what do you mean by A4, and what is 'print to PDF option? I read somewhere about a PDF printer…what is that ?

A4 is the standard letter size paper (8.3 x 11.7 inches, 210 x 297 mm) which I assumed you would be using but the print options are available for whatever paper size you specify.

In the list of printers you will see Microsoft Print to PDF ( and Foxit PDF Printer if you are using that as your reader) which if selected will print your document to a new Pdf which you can save on your PC, in your case this would allow you to see how your choice of print options will appear in the final document without using up the paper and ink in your hard copy printer.