Print/Fax unable to connect to scanner


I want to scan an item with my Canon Pixma MG2522, the only scanner I have USB connected to my Win 10 PC, but when I click on “NEW SCAN” I get the msg that the computer is trying to connect to the scanner…then everything freezes and I can’t close the program without using TASK MANAGER. This happens when I use Win 10 P Scan/Fax. I have also tried a 3rd party program called NAPS2 with exactly the same results. I have another of the same printer USB installed on a second Win 10 PC and both scanning programs work with no problem. Can anyone help?


I assume you’ve checked the cable connections on both ends. Did you follow the setup instructions precisely for the scanner? On a scanner, even more so than a printer, the setup steps need to be done in the correct order, or the computer won’t be able to see the scanner.


Did you try reinstalling the driver for the printer? Drivers are the number one cause of issues for a Printer/Scanner.


Thanks, larrylmitchell. I just did a new driver download from Canon and I’ll give it a try.


Thanks, MrKite. All cables are secure and the printer function works fine, but a reinstall isn’t a bad idea. I’ll give it a try.