Portable VirtualBox freezing on install

I am having issues installing the latest version of Portable Virtual box. It freezes on install.

I have:

  • downloaded the latest installer from http://www.vbox.me/
  • launched the downloaded .exe, a 7zip self extracting archive that decompresses the portable virtual box bundle
  • launched Portable-VirtualBox.exe inside the portable virtual box bundle which brings up a portable virtual box dialog pops up with the title “Portable-VirtualBox *** Extract and/or Compress ***”
  • Click the “Download isntallation files of VirtualBox” button inside the dialog. Another installation files downloads and the “Path to installation file” textbox is filled with the installation file path.
  • Selected the “Extract the files for a 64-Bit system” and “Start Portable-VirtualBox after the extract and/or compress” check boxes.
  • Clicked the “OK” button.

The Status-Info label displays, “Please wait; extract files”, but then control never returns to the user. How long should it take to extract the files? Am I missing a step somewhere?

The only complicating factor is that I have an older portable virtual box already installed. However, a) its the portable version, b) its not running and has not run since last reboot, and c) no files are shared between them, there is no file or directory overlap

I have encountered these issues attempting to install portable virtual box versions 5.1.22 and 5.1.26.

Any suggestions?

Try to use full VirtualBox installer from https://www.virtualbox.org/.

Yea, using the regular, non portable virtual box is the plan B.

I’ve a procedure to make portable VirtualBox from the actual official installer. But that’s too lengthy. One has to know how VirtualBox works.