Pixel XL notifications


I have just started using a Pixel XL (not the Pixel 2 XL, just Pixel XL) and I am unable to get ANY notification of email, calls, or texts on the screen when the phone is off (not shut down, just plan off.)

I have gone through the settings many times. It’s running Android 9. The “Blink light” setting is toggled on. The individual apps all have notifications enabled. But I have never once seen any LED notification of anything. Is there some trick to get it to work? I suppose the LED be broken, but that seems very unlikely.

Any ideas? Thank you!


You can try this.

This issue seems to be caused by the new active Doze mode that is available with the Pixel and Pixel XL to help get a lot more out of your battery life. However, it looks like it results in notifications not arriving, or getting delayed. Until the apps are updated to address this problem, you may be better off removing these apps, like Gmail, Whatsapp, and more, from the list of apps that are optimized. Go to Battery – Settings (three vertical dots) – Battery Optimization, open the All apps section from the drop down menu, go to the relevant app, and tap on “Don’t optimize.” So far, users have reported that this doesn’t affect battery life significantly either.

Also to get more control over the notification LED, download an app like Light Flow from the Google Play Store.


Ronnie, thanks for the reply.

Interesting. I didn’t know those settings were available.

I tried doing that in gmail, which shows an icon in the notifcation tray for new emails, but has never blinked, but that didn’t do the trick. I’d previously gotten the messaging app to blink the LED, so I know that it’s not a hardware problem (which seemed unlikely anyway.) TBH, I can’t actually recall HOW I got that working, whether it was in the app settings or somewhere in the device settings. So maybe I will stumble on what gets gmail happening too. Some of the settings seem interdependent, or tied in with other settings, or not clearly described, so it’s a lot of guess work.

Thanks for the mention of Light Flow, I will check it out.