PC emulator software vs play station


Is using PC emulator software are good to use? Although I had a very bad experience with emulators used for PlayStation in my PC.


Any emulation technology is always somewhat slower than bare metal performance.


it depends on the emulator and the platform being emulated. In some cases, the emulator can be superior, thanks to digital sound and HDMI video. My FPGA Commodore 64, for example, looks much better than the real thing. The same goes for the NES and other cores running on my MISTer. On the other hand, for Playstation 1 games, I’d prefer the real thing, since the last time I tried a PS1 emulator, it was still pretty flaky.

Which emulator are you using, and what are you trying to emulate?


I am using PCSX2.

The performance is good for single player games, but it is slowing down for multiplayer games.


agree, I wouldn’t recommend to use emulator