PC build cord help


Hello! This is my first time building a pc. I already have a parts list found here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zmHzr6

My question is what cords do I need?

I am no computer expert so any help I could get would be great!

Thanks so much.


Could you share what you will do with your PC? For example, Gaming or Video Editing or Studying etc. It will help to suggest the best part.

Also you can follow this wiki for further details:


Sometimes the motherboard will come without SATA cables for your hard drives. The power supply should have every connector you need.

I would just wait until you get the motherboard, and see what you need. You may not have to buy anything extra. Hopefully your monitor will come with an HDMI cable.


I will use the computer for minimal gaming and also minimal video editing. The majority of the use will just be doing everyday things like checking my email, streaming Netflix, working on code, etc.


For gaming you will want to connect your monitor with a display cable in order to take advantage of the higher refresh rate (your monitor should come with one). You shouldn’t need to connect with HDMI in most cases, unless you start using your monitor for other purposes.

As @MrKite mentioned, if you need anything if will be an additional SATA cable or two (you need two total)…but look through the parts you’ve received and take inventory. They will either be bundled with your motherboard, and/or the SSD and/or the HDD.

You did well on picking your parts but there are few things I’d like to point out to be aware of.

  1. Your SSD is the minimum size for gaming these days, many games are quite large now with the average AAA title being in the neighborhood of 60 GBs. If you run out of space and don’t want to uninstall anything you can certainly install games on your HDD and they will work just fine, but you will notice a performance difference during load times.

  2. Cases often don’t come with enough fans, and fans are cheap, so it would be a good idea to add additional fans if you can fit them to ensure you don’t run into cooling problems.

  3. Your power supply is fine, but keep in mind that bronze rated PSUs may not stand the test of time like a good gold rated PSU. You also want a good quality brand, I don’t have any experience with SeaSonic power supplies so I can’t say if I would trust them or not.