Passwords and Auto-Fill Won't Work on Chrome


My Passwords auto-populating/saving and auto-fill are not working on my desktop for about the last week. They work on my laptop and even my phone but not on my desktop. I’ve reset Chrome, I have ensured my auto-sync is turned on and even cleared my browsing data (history/download history/cookies/cached) and still nothing. I’ve turned off all my extensions and turned on one by one to see if any were causing the problem. I uninstalled a program I had just installed also to make sure it wasn’t the culprit. I also ran my malware program and did a deep scan to ensure no viruses. I’ve also ensured my Chrome is up-to-date.

My saved Passwords aren’t even showing when I look for them under settings yet if I sign in to my Google Acct they are there and the button to offer to save PWs in Android & Chrome button is turned on as well as my auto sign in button.

Is there a way to get this to work correctly again without having to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it on my desktop? If I have to uninstall I don’t remember, do I need to save all my bookmarks prior to uninstalling? Any help is appreciated.


Are you using a 3rd party password program, or just the built-in utility that is part of Chrome? Assuming the latter.

Usually if there is an issue it has to do with the login for the browser. So you’ll want to try signing out of your account on Chrome (on the desktop) and signing back in.

If you are signed into Chrome then your bookmarks should be syncing to your google account, so if you have to reinstall you should be able to get your bookmarks back simply by signing into your google account within Chrome after the reinstall.


Thanks Larry, using the Chrome PW program. I’ve signed out and back in also, rebooted. I did a reinstall of Chrome over my current one in case something got messed up somewhere but it still won’t save PW’s or auto-fill. This is what I keep seeing. 2019-02-11_1242


I think what we need to try and do is force Chrome to create a new local copy of your account info, but I don’t think it does that based on a simple reset…and if you logout and login it probably just syncs the information but doesn’t do it if it is already there. So if some of that information has become corrupted we have to force it to download fresh data from the server.

I believe this will accomplish that:


The issue has been resolved. It appears the was an update needed to my Windows 10, it took about 2 1/2 hours to update. Weird because I’ve always gotten update notices and immediately update. Once I updated and it was finished, my Chrome started working properly again.


No it is doing it again!!! Omgoodness!


So try what I suggested.