Password for zip files


Hi im new here and totally stupid and simple when it comes to computer jargon etc i need some help please i need to know WHY ES FILE EXPLORER asked me for a password for a zip file WHY DOES IT NEED ONE??? Ive never created a password I DONT WANT TO CREATE A PASSWORD i just want to simply open it i didn’t know it needed one so i put in my Google account password but it said it didnt recognize it all i want it for is to upload a file to a movie server so i can watch my content MYFAMILYCINEMA so i downloaded a file installed ES file explorer to unzip it i tried it on my files in my phone but it said it failed EVEN ES FILE EXPLORER didnt unzip it is there a default password to unlock all zip files or does each zip file require individual unique passwords all this is so new to me and complicated and confusing any SIMPLE HELP WOULD BE HELPFUL thanks in advance and many kind regards to you all


A password is required to unzip a file only if that zip file was created with a password added in. Where did this zip file come from? Or did you create it yourself – maybe inadvertently adding in a password in the creation process?


I did not create a zip file i did not create a password i am pretty sure it didn’t ask for a password all i did was download a file tried to unlock it in android file Manager and that failed then tried es file explorer inputting my Google account password which failed so i gave up also do all zip files work with one default password or does each zip file need its own individual password im a total dummy when it comes to these things and also the jargon the file was downloaded from a link in YouTube wich was then copied to mega cloud to use on myfamilycinema to upload file to view my content


How do you know if a zip file has a password


A person creating a new ZIP file can choose to password protect it - requiring the password in order to open it.

Perhaps you might find this HTG article helpful.

You mention that you downloaded the ZIP file - but you don’t say where it came from. If the file has been previously locked with a password then you would most likely need that password to open the file – just like the password you use to log on to HTG.


My take is that whoever created that zip file placed a password on it - and therefore a password is required to open. Think of it like a word document. Normally, anyone can open a word file… but if the creator chooses to add a password, then a password will be required henceforth. Of course, the password entered must be exactly identical or the file will refuse to open. Hope this helps.

I am not sure I follow exactly, but if you are following a link to download a Youtube video that isn’t yours… be mindful of potential illegality - and also the danger of downloading malware (harmful software) by clicking links to ‘booby trapped’ site(s)!