Paint.NET is behaving oddly and I can't find anywhere on their help centres to even ask the question, can anyone here help?


I am trying to access certain files, which I have done before. But paint is saying they don’t exist. But they do exist. Paint.NET does this every now and then. Why and how do I persaude it to see the files? I have a screenshot if that will help? Also, if I type in the software name into the url I get this site: and he’s clearly not the site I’m looking for. Help?


PDN’s web site is (confusingly)

They do have a forum at . That might help you find what you need.


Thank you so much for the website link. I looked at the forums but it took me to a bunch of other sites that weirdly are nothing to do with the software. But, I’ll keep looking. At least I have the site link now. Thanks, again!