Opt out of Chrome Updates


How can I keep Chrome from updating? I’ve uninstalled it & installed an older version numerous times but it keeps updating. All the features on my website won’t work with the latest version so every time I need to work on my website (which is usually daily) I have to go thru this. Very annoying & time consuming.


Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services then scroll down to the two Google Update entries, right-click on eack and select Properties. Change the Start Type to Disabled and, if the service is currently running, select Stop.

Then go back to Control Panel>Admin Tools and select Task Scheduler, in the left pane select Task Scheduler Library and right-click on the two Google Update entries there and select Disable.

This will stop background updating but I am not certain that it will prevent Chrome from still trying to update while you are using it. I’m sure you already know that running an older version can be a security risk so I suggest you only use Chrome for that one purpose and use another up-to-date browser for all other purposes.


I think what you should be looking for is a portable edition of the Chrome version in question.

Which version number are you looking for?

A search for “Portable Chrome” with your version number might help.

For example, if you’re looking for Chrome 67, you could search for “Portable Chrome 67” and see what comes up.

  1. On your Chrome browser’s address bar, type in ‘about:plugins’ and hit ENTER.
  2. Find the plugin called 'Google Update ’ and click disable .
  3. Restart your browser for the changes to take effect.


Thank you for the info but I can’t find Administrative Tools. Could you tell me where to find them, please?


Sorry, I forgot that some people use the category layout in Control Panel rather than icons, Admin Tools are under the System and Security group.