Opening 2 E-Mail Accounts In Same Browser


You published this in 2012.

Is there a similar solution for Microsoft Edge.
I want to have separate links in my Favorites bar for each account.

I will not use the “linked” account functionality, as it uses a common (instead of separate) junk mail folder.


I use Firefox (Chrome previously) and I never knew that I couldn’t “just open a new tab or window” to have multiple Gmail accounts next to each other!?! I always did just that! For Gmail at least, the steps are:

  1. open Gmail and sign in. Once in the first account…
  2. click your Google account icon (upper right) for the “add account” drop menu
  3. #2 opens up a new tab for you to sign into your next Google (Gmail) account
  4. Voila - two tabs showing two different Gmail accounts.

And you can repeat for as many Google accounts as you have - open them all if you like.

And if you keep the cookies, you can access your various Gmail accounts without need to sign in again.

I’d be real surprised if Outlook doesn’t have something similar.