Old hard drive help

When looking through my old storage unit I found one of my old external hard drives. It is a Buffalo HD-HSIU2 series. When I tried to connect it, it would not recognize or access it because it is only supported on Windows XP. I have Windows 10 now. What are my options as far as accessing the information on the hard drive?

You need a partitioning program that’s on a bootable CD, boot to it (make sure the Buffalo is plugged in before booting), then see if it shows. If not, it’s dead. If so, you will have to, at the minimum, FIX MBR. You can also go ahead & erase the disk, then repartition it, if you wish. Then take the CD out & reboot to your Win 10 & see if it shows up. I have never heard of an external drive that’s glued to a particular OS.