Norton Ghost 15

I just installed Norton Ghost 15. Had for a few years but just installed it:) Anyway this Recovery Disk thats not on the Installation disk would it be different for most computers? Instructions say take the recovery disk and check against my computers drivers. The Recover Disk supposed to be like a boot disk with drivers included I guess. Somebody familiar with Ghost 15 please explain. I’m a dope I guess:) Norton has dropped support and won’t answer any questions for Ghost 15. I’m screwed:)

If I recall correctly, Ghost allowed you to create a boot disk that would be customized for the computer on which you are installing it.

So if your computer had, for example, a SCSI CD-ROM drive, that would need different drivers than one that booted from a USB hard drive or one that you’re imaging through the network. That’s what the recovery disk does - it boots the system up with the hardware you need in order to restore the backed-up Ghost image. But since a recovery disk may often be a floppy diskette, only the necessary items are included - definitely not the full Ghost program suite.

The installation disk, on the other, hand, has the full Ghost program, the server program (which is used to save and restore network images), and the utilities to create new recovery disks.

Thanks! I made a Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. I downloaded this ISO file to my download folder and then run the file and burned ISO files to DVD Disk. Don’t exactly how would use it. Guess it like a old fashion boot disk except this one looks for viruses, malware etc. Got to read more in my Norton Security Suite help section. I’m lost on setting up recover points and using Wizard in Ghost 15. I need someone explains the general outline of this program. I’m scared that if I don’t do procedures right I going to screw my whole system up. I’m not nerdy enough:) I tried copying the whole drive but it didn’t work because it counted the giga bytes on whole drive (free and used) I don’t know.

On second reading of your reply I have a Wilson I got a standard SCSI CD-ROM drive as guess except for a external disk drive by Western Digital that plugged into USB port and I think it using a driver furnished by WD.