Newsletter questions Mega Thread


They care. When I asked Lowell about this, he told me no one had contacted him about this.

Please email and tell Lowell you are not receiving the newsletter. If the email is not going to your spam folder, the only way to resolve this is for him to make sure you’re added to the mailing list.

The HowToGeek staff does not visit the forums; this is solely a community site, so we can’t really help with newsletter issues other than to ask you to make sure is in your safe senders list on your email service.

If you are using a mail client like Outlook or Windows Mail, you need to log in to your mail provider’s web site and check the spam folder there. If you’re still not getting it by Wednesday, please PM me your email address, and I’ll talk to Lowell again personally.


I have literally sent over twenty emails since Oct. 8th and gone through all these steps if you look back in this thread. Whitelisted, added to safe contacts, not blacklisted, not in spam. I have even gone as far as asking AT&T, of course to no avail. If you do not mind I will go ahead and pm.


I’m a Yahoo and Firefox user and have sent in a subscription request to How to Geek pracically every day for the past two months with no success. Any suggestions?

If you're using Yahoo e-mail, you may want to switch

SBC/Yahoo is blocking HTG’s email. There’s really nothing we can do at the moment.


If Yahoo really is the issue, it’s trivially easy to create a Gmail account, use that to receive your newsletter, and within Gmail, have it forward all mail to your Yahoo address. Problem solved.

Or consider ditching Yahoo altogether!?!


Point being, there should not be a problem. Sad that Yahoo! and AT&T are doing it but guess I am out of luck.


Yeah, so many dependencies and interactions it’s a wonder anything works at all. Luckily, when things break, there are often other options and workarounds.

I guess I prefer this sort of organized chaos than a nice little wall garden. YMMV.