Newsletter questions Mega Thread


From now on, please email for newsletter questions. No one on the HTG staff monitors this forum.


Thanks for the reply.

Thus starts the catch 22 that will tell me to ask at the forums again…


I’ll talk with @geek about that. This is the place to start, at least to read what others have tried, but once that fails, only they can reset subscriptions or check the list server to see if you’re signed up.


Greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Also, for the record - have you checked to see if newsletters are going to your spam folder? Some people click “spam” rahter than unsubscribing when they don’t want the newsletter any more. That causes everyone else to start getting the newsletter spam-binned.


Of course. :wink:

It was strange and appears that it has happened to many others.


Well… finally am told to ask here… again… When I ask here, am told not too???

It’s sad, I really enjoy HTG but am sent a line of idiots for help.


I’m confused. Who told you to ask here?


For the second time since October when the issue began, contacting "" led to a response siting the “contact” page to ask in forum.

“but please note that computer help questions sent to this address will be mostly ignored, so PLEASE post your help questions over on the forum.”

So… again, I have checked spam, I have whitelisted, I have resubscribed, I have contacted HTG, I have asked in the forum.

No help at all.


That’s things like “why does my Windows crash,” or “how do I use my printer?”

I asked @geek about this, and you should indeed be using the address to ask newsletter questions. He should be updating the contact page to make that more clear.


I am actually told, in reply from my email sent, to ask at the forums. I am not just going there and seeing I should ask here. I receive an actual reply saying to check the forum. You see the issue here? I am stuck in a loop, not of my own making.


I’m sorry for the confusion. I don’t know how to help; I can’t see the mailing list server; only @geek can do that, and the way to reach @gee is and please clearly state that you’re not receiving the newsletter in your email.



I sincerely appreciate the time but I am pretty sure if I do get a third response, it will tell me to come back here, again.


Hi, the emails from HTG suddenly stopped arriving in my inbox. Do I need to subscribe again?

jmcl from Durban


Check your junk folder, I’ve seen it sometimes in the past where an email provider will suddenly decide certain messages are junk without you even marking them as junk.


Thanks but this is one place where I check every day. I will check the filters on Thunderbird but I am very sure that a filter was never created for HTG.


If the emails are not in your junk folder, try other folders. If all else fails, re-subscribe.



It has been since October of last year since I have received the newsletter. I see others have had the same issue. What do I need to do to resolve this? I have whitelisted, added to contacts, it is not directed to spam and contacting HTG
has gained no attention.

Any help is appreciated.


I just started having this issue. Have you had any luck resolving it?


No and I do not think anyone at HTG cares.