Newsletter questions Mega Thread


No but I will try resubscribing. My settings still show I should be getting the discussion summaries though. I’ll get back tomorrow if it’s still borked.
Thanks for quickly replying.


Ok, I’m getting the Main newsletter, of articles, which I never before subscribed too before until the other day, which I like better than the forum discussion summaries, which is the email I lost.

Do I need to enable the last setting for that to resume? When I tapped it, it said it would override the other settings or something along that line.


Ah. That’s a different thing.

Honestly, I don’t know. I get notifications from the forum but don’t want or need a daily summary. I’d suggest playing with it and letting us know what happens. That’s what I’d have to do anyway. :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve enabled email setting from screenshot above. I also added two items in categories to track. I’ll get back in a day or two to report any new email.

Thanks for responding so quickly


Holy Email BatMan!!!

I just looked at my in box and now I have about 15 discussion summaries! In individual emails for every topic ANYONE commented on LOL :grin:

Obviously I need to turn off some of what I activated yesterday. 0 to 90mph in .06 seconds. Perhaps a Superman metaphor would be better?


Maybe a metaphor involving a superhero who creates floods… floods of email messages. :slight_smile:


I realize this isn’t the right forum but don’t know how to correct this. Have re-entered email request but still do not receive them. Anybody know how to correct this?(received them for many months previously but just stopped)


Had a subscription to the How-ToGeek newsletter for quite some time but the frequent emails stopped showing up. Not in my Junk folder,cannot find in banned list, repeated sign-up submittals get no action. Anybody know what happened; how an i get my subscription back?


Hi. Not sure where to post this, but I used to enjoy reading emails from How to Geek. For some reason I no longer receive my emails from How to Geek. Is there a way I can get my account reset? I’m wondering if the email app has sent them to spam without my knowledge. But I can’t figure out where to fix it.

Thanks in advance!


If you go to the main HTG page, you’ll see a toolbar at the top with a button to sign up for the newsletter:

Look for the image button and, er, use that to subscribe. =)


I’ve already subscribed. The emails just stopped and vanished completely. They are no where to be found.


They’re not showing up in your spam folder?

@geek we have another case of Bermuda Triangle Email…


No… Nothing. I had an issue with BlueMail sending them there for something else, but they just reset my account and they are back, but not How to Geek. Didn’t know if an admin can reset this account.


Here’s an update: I went into my email to a saved email from/for Newsletter How to Geek and I updated my preferences (from the link on the bottom of email) to daily emails and I even unsubscribed to emails and re-subscribed. All at different times but with the same results. I was taken to another page which wasa blank white page. I did this multiple times from various devices (1x tablet, 1 cell phone, 1 desktop computer).
I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I really enjoyed reading the articles in my email.
Any ideas?


I’m at s loss. @geek manages that. I’ll ask him for help.


Thank you for your help!


Not sure if it’s what you did (contact @geek)or from me messing songs with it too, but I got one today! Thanks it out was you! If not thanks anyway for your help!


I have not received a newsletter since Oct. 8th. No amount of resubscribing, changing preferences etc. seem to work. Any new info on this issue?


Lately, in every newsletter, it is not displaying the Geek comic. It does when I right click and open it in a new tab, but not in the email itself. Is there anything I can do at my end? Win 7, ATT/Yahoo email.


Guess I should just give up on this? So long HTG it’s been… well it hasn’t.