Newsletter questions Mega Thread


Since HTG staff does not monitor the forum, please email for newsletter questions, such as “I’m not getting my newsletter.”

To reduce thread sprawl, any newsletter questions will be consolidated on this thread. Please do not create new threads asking about the newsletter.


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I keep getting the following error message when I try to open the email in Yahoo Email:

There appears to be a problem loading the email “Stop Complaining That Your Browser Uses Lots of RAM: It’s a Good Thing”.

Try Again

I’m in Win 7 and IE 11.


It was Yahoo that was broken. Yahoo has fixed the issue. Sorry!


Not to piggyback, but piggybacking…I’m trying to find out why I’ve suddenly (well since about the last month or so) stopped receiving the daily newsletter/digest in my email. I tried to send an email to the contact email address and it was a delivery failure - and a “returned” message saying my email address was disabled (it obviously isn’t; I can send other emails, and I can sign in and post here. For a period I was getting the weekly(?) digest in my email; now, I’m not even getting that.
Sorry to hijack this thread, but since I can’t seem to get hold of how-to-geek any otherr way, well…


For a year (or more) I’ve been receiving HTG newsletter. Now it’s stopped. I’ve tried to re-subscribe several times, giving another mailing address and it worked for a while. What’s happening? Am I black-listed or what?
I like your newsletter and I want you to keep sending it to me. So, please, do find the solution for my problem.

Best regards,


How do I get back to receiving the daily newsletter. I’ve signed up for daily but NOTHING as in NOTHING I’ve done so far has worked. Like WTF?


I have the same problem :frowning:


I have been a subscriber for years but for the last week or so I have not received by daily email from How To Geek. I tried reenrolling but that did not correct the problem. What should I do to get reinstated?


You might double check that it isn’t being redirected to your junk mail. I’ve seen several cases where an email client will suddenly decide that a frequently received newsletter is now considered junk. I’ve wondered how this could occur and the only thing that comes to mind is that other users might have marked theirs as junk and perhaps the system is designed to consider all the newsletters from that sender junk once a certain number of users consider it junk.


Not in spam folder on AOL. Not in any folder. Also created a new How To Geek newsletter account on gmail 2 days ago. That doesn’t show up either. Thanks anyway.


The new How-To Geek newsletter account I created on gmail is working but I seldom use the gmail account. Would really like to get it back on my AOL account. Reenrolled again but it still not showing up there.


Same here. I have a private domain. The newsletter isn’t showing up in my junk folder nor my inbox. It stopped about 2 weeks ago. I re-enrolled too. Did htg get blacklisted by one of the spam-control sites? AT&T hosts my website.



I’ve had the same problem, and I’ve checked my junk mail and nothing. I’ve tried subscribing again, but nothing! :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe this should be pinned?


I have not received any HTG Newsletters for some weeks now. Are you still operating?


Nope. I’ve been to those forums where half of the first page is pins; that’s crazy. if I pin something, it will be a single item and for a limited period of time. For the once or twice a month we see newsletter posts, I’ll move them to this thread.


So…has there been any resolution? I see many “me, too” posts" but no replies except your “pinned” reply wilsontp.(I did just try to re-subscribe - again). We’ll see if that makes any difference.
(Oh, and for the record, I, too, have a private domain, and the newsletter is not showing up in any of its spam/junk folders, either, nor is my email client dumping it there. It seems to have just gone to a black hole somewhere. Sag-A* must be getting very full)


The two things I’ve found out are that the newsletter is automated - no one puts it together and manually sends it. The content of the newsletter also contains analytics, and if you don’t view the newsletter for a few days, the board stops sending you messages.

So right now, re-subscribing seems to be the only answer.


I too am missing newsletters since January 7th. No answer from contacting HTG either.
Checked my settings here, nothing changed.

Now, @wilsontp, as far as your assertion, I looked at my history in gmail, and many times there are 2-3 days I didn’t open email from HTG and no interruption occurred.

What surprises me most, is no response from HTG?


I don’t know what the cutoff is on that. Here’s what @geek actually told me:

Most of the time people either need to check their spam folders or they got automatically demoted (if you don’t open the email for a few weeks we stop sending to you).

So you’re not going to stop getting newsletters if you skip it for 3 days. If you skip it for a month, you may end up not receiving it any more.

And there’s always the possibility that the analytics are flawed. I don’t know what the specific item is that triggers this check; it’s possible that certain privacy-enhancing browser addons could be interfering with the analytics.

Did you try to re-subscribe?