Needing USB-C extension for Dell Docking Station for Dell Laptop


My wife has a Dell Docking Station that has a short USB-C cable to connect to her laptop. Upon reading a lot of information it seems this type cable is USB-C with displayport alt mode to allow full functionality of the items plugged into the docking station as well as charging the laptop. Due to this I am having immense difficulty in finding a short extension cable to extend and reach her laptop which is about 1 foot further away. What I need is a Female to Male USB-C with displayport alt mode capable cable to extend and reach her laptop. Appreciate any help as my knowledge of USB-C was about zero a couple days ago.


Here are three… there are dozens of them on Amazon. I specifically chose the ones that say “Thunderbolt” in the title, since that’s the protocol that transfers video.


Regarding the first cable according to several reviews specifically noted for Dell docking station this cable does not work. Regarding the second cable found a review specifically for Dell docking station and everything worked except usb-c functionality was not transferred any longer. So keyboard/mouse not working. Regarding the third cable I also found mention that usb functionality was lost as well when using this cable with a usb-c docking station. This was the difficulty I had been finding as I was researching, was just to extend the cable less than a foot but without losing the functionality needed. Any help would be appreciated.


Just replying to try and bring this topic to more eyes again as I still have not found a viable solution.


Here’s what I use, which I know is good for both data and charging. But I have zero experience with “displayport alt mode”. I use mine to connect between my Dell XPS 13 laptop and 3rd-party hub (which provides both power and external drives).


Do you have a mouse or keyboard connected to the hub as well and the functionality of those is not lost once connected via the cable you mentioned?


No, no mouse or keyboard… just external drives. But I see no reason why they won’t work.


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A thread on the Dell forums appears to explain why extensions can not be used.

The reason it’s so short is because in order to deliver the advertised capabilities, it needs Thunderbolt 3 to operate at 40 Gbps, and the maximum lengths for a passive cable while achieving that bandwidth is 0.5m, or ~18".


And thus, perhaps a choice between lightning fast speed but mind-numbingly inconvenient set up – versus “fast enough” speed but a much more convenient setup thanks to a longer extension cable? Pick your poison. :smiling_imp:


Thank you everyone, I purchased a cable and will be trying it out today. I am just hoping the mouse/keyboard still works but I will update you all for your knowledge.