Need Help With Linux Partitions


i just deleted the partition where i installed the kali linux.As kali linux and ubuntu are alike so i am asking help here.i checked avery place but neither of them were working for me i tried these: ls output: (hd0) (hd0,msdos5)(hd0,msdos4) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) i tried ls (hd0.msdos5) and every partition but it shows eror: unknown filesystem. i even tried bootable pendrive but i wasnt able to boot from it i choose usb in boot menu but i end up in same grub rescue but i just booted to windows previously by selecting (hd0,msdos6) but its not here now and delted all the kali linux partition now there is only windows installed can you help me plz.

Easy Fix For Grub2 Boot Errors

It is not clear what you want ultimately.

You can ask any computer related questions. It is not any distribution sepecific.


They are not alike. They are both based on Debian and that is where their similarities stop.

It sounds like you are trying to install Kali Linux as a dual-boot with Windows. I’ll go ahead and stop you right there since Kali Linux themselves say on their FAQs that Kali Linux is not meant to be installed. Instead, it is meant to be used as a separate tool.

Also based on your avatar and the fact that you went straight to Kali Linux it seems like you want to be a l337 h@x0r and therefore this is not the forum to get help on that topic. Feel free to contact the Kali Linux community or some other place but this forum is a general purpose help forum, it is not for learning hacking.


i want to run my pc normally and get rid of grub error


i had dual booted the two system and its not about hacking i am just seeking help for how to fix the grub error after deleting the one system.can you help me plz.


What operating systems do you have installed on the system now?

Do you have Windows and Linux, still, or just Windows?

I would start by fixing the Windows install: boot from a Windows installation disk or USB drive, and run startup repair.

Once you get Windows working normally, you can then look at re-configuring your Linux boot sequence.

If Linux is already installed, and you don’t want to lose anything, chances are you’ll need to install GRUB manually. If you don’t mind wiping your Linux install, you can just reinstall over your existing Linux partitions, and the installer will re-create the GRUB setup.


Bro i have already deleted the linux partition the only partition left is my Windows installed and two other personnel crrated drive and i can’t boot from pendrive i tried i choosed pendrive fromboot menu but i end up in same grub error what should i do?


Try creating a new boot USB drive with the Windows Media Creation Tool.

You should be able to boot from that, then you can enter system repair and let the tool fix your startup situation.