Need Help with Avoiding Plagarism When Writing an Article


Good day everyone,

It’s my first time here so please forgive me if I make any mistakes while posting on this forum.

So recently I started writing my first article for an website and after spending almost the entire day on the article I did a plagiarism check using the website papers owl and discovered that I had more than 60% plagiarism. The reason I am shocked is because all of the information I wrote were basically straight from my brain in my own words, yet it was detected as plagiarism. I have been trying for almost an entire day again by changed the words but unsuccessful. My questions are how is this even possible if it was straight from my brain ? How do I avoid plagiarism ?


I Googled the site Papers Owl - but when I tried to access the site by clicking on the link Malwarebytes blocked the connection and I received an SSL server connection error.

I recommend you first try another site to check your article for any plagiarism content and see what you come up with.


Yes, you must try other sites as well to check your content. There are many Plagiarism checker online sites.


Really, it’s very simple. It’s only plagarism if you copied someone else’s work. if you wrote it yourself, it is by definition not plagarism.

Also, keep in mind how plagarism detectors work: they just look for shared phrases. It’s actually very common for two people to say exactly the same thing, and Copyright law allows for that. After all, there are only so many ways you can say something, if you’re relaying the same information others have already written about.

I would not bother with or worry about what a plagarism detector says for your own work.


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