Need Help - Want to Install Windows 10 on My Windows 7 System


Hello Everyone, I have windows 7 on my desktop, i want to use my disk to install windows10 which i made the disk when windows 10 was free. since i believe i will lose all my files in windows 7, can i simply take out the old harddrive and replace it with a new one and then install windows 10 and go back and forth if needed?
i prefer to run them side by side using the same harddrive if possible as long as a dont lose my data but i dont know if i can do it. Any ideas? Thanks


There are three poss ile ways you can arrange your system.

  1. One drive from Win7, one drive for Win10, another one for data only shared b/w two OS.
  2. Win7 and Win10 in same drive but data is on another drive.
  3. Win7 and Win10 in separate drives with their own data.

To clean install Windows 10, follow this How-To Geek article:


Yes, you can do a clean install of Windows 10 on a new hard drive. However, if you didn’t actually install Windows 10 during the free upgrade period, you won’t have a license and won’t be able to activate it.

You can also dual boot the system (have both operating systems installed on the same computer at the same time), but that gets complicated, depending on your situation. Ideally, you should be able to just pop in the second hard drive and tell the Setup process to use the new hard drive; it should take care of the bits needed to let you choose your OS at startup.

However, no matter which way you go, take good backups before you start the process. You shouldn’t lose any files, but things happen…