Need Help - Unable to Access Shared Drive on My Network


I have two computers on my shared network, however only one of them is able to access the shared drive now. The other one shows the media in the shared drive but nothing else. I am at my wits end with it!! All the settings are correct but there is clearly something stopping the computer from letting it access my shared drive.

Any ideas !!!


How is the shared drive connected to the network? Through another computer? Or your router/modem?


So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have three computers A,B and C in the office the shared drive is on computer A.

Computer B cannot see the shared drive but computer C can. Computer A can see all three .


Is this a new configuration or was it something that was working then quit? What OS are you running?


No its not, we have been running this shared drive for the past year. We are using windows 10. It was after the latest Windows update.

We did put on Microsoft shared point to make are Sage accounts run smoother would that have anything to do with it??


How is the drive connected to the computer? Is it internal or external?

What model is your router?