Need Help - MY PC is Freezing Under Normal Workload Conditions


I’ve been dealing with this a long time ago. My PC freeze on IDLE and now (A few minutes ago) on normal workload. Frankly, I don’t know what else to do. This is beyond my capacity. The scenario was, File Explorer, Firefox, MySQL Workbench, Task Manager, PHP Storm and AIMP (Playing music) open, but with me AFK.

Before all of this, the issue occured on IDLE, and now on normal workload.

My build:

Case: Thermaltake Versa N21
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z170 S (Revision 1.xx, (8th January, 2016))
BIOS: 3504
O.S.: Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1709
CPU: i5-6600K 3.5GHz Skylake-S
CPU Cooler: SteelSeries Hyper 212
Socket: 1151 LGA
GPU: GDDR5 Gigabyte GTX1060 6GB G1 Gaming
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400MHz 16GB on dual channel, each one of 4GB
PSU: EVGA SuperNova B2 850W (110-B2-0850-V1)

Please, I’m begging you… help me!!!



Have you monitored temps at all? What is your case cooling like? Do you have enough fans to keep cool air coming in the front and hot air pushing out the back?


Yes, I have. It was in 30°C the CPU. For the cooling, the case has, 3 for the extraction (On the back panel and top) and 2 for the incoming air.


30 should be fine. What about your other components?

Any reason why you are still running the 1709 build and not 1803?

Do you have a screenshot of your task manager to show how your resources are being utilized?

Have you looked at event viewer?

Have you tried a system file check?


I’m still using the 1709. cause the 1803 gave me too much problems.
At the time when this happened, the event viewer was empty.


Nothing looks out of the ordinary there, what were the results of the sfc?


A couple of things to check would be the display driver for the Gigabyte GPU card, also check for a BIOS update.

You can also run a memory check on Windows 10.


The GPU driver is updated. The BIOS is already updated as well. I checked all components, and there’s no problem to report.


No corrupted files in the system.


What if you login with a different profile, does the freezing still occur? If so you are probably at the point where you have to reinstall the OS to verify if it is a software or hardware problem. Before you do that though it might be worth it to try and upgrade to 1809, even though you were having issues with 1803, those issues may have been resolved with the newer update.


Yes, it does. I reinstalled the O.S. about 15 times and all drivers are updated. The new version is too much trouble, I won’t install it. I think, the issue is more complicated than this.


I agree with @larrylmitchell, you should upgrade, and then deal with whatever problems that occurred before.

When you have eliminated all the obvious fixes usually it comes down to something really minor, for instance, a corrupt game file or possibly something in the power settings.

I noticed in your screen shot something called Dell Display Manager. Any idea what that does?


Dell Display Manager is a program that controls DELL monitor from an interface.



Unfortunately you are probably down to troubleshooting hardware. Of course you want to start with opening the case and reseating your connections, then perhaps move to removing RAM modules one-by-one to check to see if you have a bad one, then remove the video card (assuming you have onboard video available from the motherboard), then if the issue is still occurring consider that it could be your motherboard or processor, which means you will need to contact Asus about the warranty.


A bad power supply can also cause freezing.


I did what you mentioned and nothing. About ASUS, they can’t help me.


I tested the PSU in another PC w/o issues.


They can’t help you? As long as it is still under warranty you should be able to RMA it.


It’s out of warranty.


Then you have no choice than to take a risk on a replacement. I’ve had to do this myself before, would suggest checking ebay first to see if you can get a working used model at a good price - I’ve had success with that in the past.