Need Help - Microsoft Tool Crashed My Computer - "BOOTMGR is Missing"


First to know my windows 10 version was an upgrade from windows 7. Back in April 2018, I used an app (if I remember it was found in “Device performance & health”) in windows 10; that was supposed to check my programs that may not be compatible with windows 10 “ stupid me, I was curious ”. When the PC rebooted it was crashed. I tried to reinstall both 10 and my original 7 from install discs, but the PC said it could not find the hard drive.

This picture is what the PC boots to now! Please help.


First go into your BIOS/UEFI and make sure the boot order is correct. If you happen to have a optical drive or a connected thumb drive it may be trying to boot off that first, which would be preventing your main system drive from booting. If you don’t want to mess with the BIOS/UEFI, just make sure you don’t have anything in your optical drive, and that you don’t have any thumb drives connected during boot.

If you are still having issues the next thing you might try is a recovery disk to try to repair the boot sector.

Worst case scenario you have a bad system drive. You can try to test for that if you can get to command line and run a chkdsk /r.